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Teeth Whitening


What is teeth whitening?

It is the process of removing discoloration on the teeth with whitening gels.

In what situations can it be applied?

It is used in cases where the teeth are discolored due to internal (medication and trauma-related conditions) or external sources (consumption of beverages such as tea, coffee, wine or nicotine exposure due to smoking).

In what casesshould not be applied?

If there are tooth-colored restorations such as porcelain or composite in the mouth, these restorations will not show any discoloration when whitening is applied, which will be an ineffective application.

If the severity of the discoloration caused by the drugs is high, the bleaching process will still not be beneficial.

Although no direct harm has been reported in pregnant women, it is not recommended to be applied.

What are the problems that can be encountered after teeth whitening?

Whitening performed under the control of the dentist does not harm the teeth.

The most common side effect is tooth sensitivity.

This sensitivity may be to air, very hot or cold food and drink. This is a normal and expected side effect.

It is usually expected to pass within 24-48 hours.

When faced with an unexpected situation, you should definitely consult a dentist.

Will the effect be permanent?

After bleaching, the color disappears over time. This period varies according to the amount of colored food and beverages consumed by the patient.

What should be considered after the procedure?

During and after bleaching, colored liquids such as tea, coffee, wine, cola and tobacco products should be avoided for 15 days.

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