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Orthodontics - Braces Treatment

What is orthodontic treatment?

Teeth in the correct positions in the mouth

as it helps to in the presence of anomaly noticed at a young age

with early and correct intervention Helps jaw development.

Orthodontic treatment does not only carry aesthetic concerns.

Possible future orthodontic treatment gum disease and problems in the jaw joint prevention. It is aimed to provide chewing functionality and to eliminate these problems in individuals with speech disorders.

After orthodontic treatment, we can clean our teeth more qualified and provide oral hygiene more easily.

It can be applied to patients of all ages under appropriate conditions.

Although orthodontic treatment has become synonymous with metal brackets over the years, there are many alternatives for metal brackets today. Ceramic and lingual (hidden braces) brackets or clear aligners are among these alternatives. It offers patients a much more aesthetic and comfortable treatment process. Although treatment planning varies for each patient, consult the dentist to decide on the most appropriate option.

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